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My name is Corali Gat, I graduated with B.Des in Fashion Design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and with MBA in Marketing and Strategy management.

During my studies at Shenkar I specialized in: Evening Gown, Upcycle Fashion, Tailored Ingenuity, Lingerie, Menswear, Garments inspired by Vintage Gowns, Garment inspired by Uniform functions, and Jewelry Project.

​Always seeking new ways to improve my skills, in 2018 I attended the prestigious embroidery and beading school in Paris - "Ecole Lesage" and became proficient in the Luneville Hook technique.

Following my passion for printing and textile, I used the skills I acquired in my undergrad studies to work with some of the leading designers in Israel such as Victor Vivi Bellaish and Shani Zimmerman.

I was honored to participate in different fashion weeks and competitions. Among others, I was the sole participant from Israel, chosen to represent Shenkar College at LONDON GRADUATE FASHION WEEK 2018, in which I presented my Graduate Collection Suppressed SUGISARI, a nine garment womens collection inspired by three historical periods in menswear. I also participated in "VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK" and "GINDI FASHION WEEK" for S/S 17 and for S/S 18 and was one of the finalists in the "FRANKfurt Style Award" 2017.


My ambition and eagerness to learn and develop my knowledge led me to intern at the prestigious "VERA WANG Design House" during summer 2017, where I researched, developed and sewed prototypes for the hats used in the RTW S/S 2018 collection. This winter I decided to further enhance my skills and intern at Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture Fashion House, participating in the preparation for F/W 2019 collection. During my internship I supervised a group of interns developing new textile techniques, and created original embroidery works and textile designs for the Couture collection.


Today I am working in 911FASHION :story as a Global Brand Manager, a posstion that combines my skills as a fashion designer and as a new knowledge I acquired while pursuing my MBA.

Photography: Noffar Gat

Website Builder: Noam Segev

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